USB antivirus

    Small code I wrote some time ago, it aims to eradicate the viruses that change USB autorun files and hide all folders in the drive changing the attributes to System and hidden, you can download the application from here (hosted in google drive):

Also, you can get the code by contacting me in the contact page.


Text into Ansys® Fluent – AriFluent

    As per requested by one of my teachers in college, answering the need to convert the output from their software (text) into Ansys Fluent which is used for mechanical simulation, I did this small program, which works efficiently on 2D and 3D systems,  and it has been tested on Bachelor project, and a doctoral project.

   The link for the free software (hosted in google drive), feel free to use or redistribute, as long as you don’t ask for any money for it, also, I’d appreciate it if you credited me if you used the software.
the code is available per request, you can find my contact information on the contact page.